Storj DCS
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The object Browser lets you interact with the Buckets and objects stored on Storj DCS within a Project.
The Object Browser is a web interface for creating/deleting buckets, uploading, downloading, viewing the object map, and sharing access to objects stored in a Project on Storj DCS.
This is such a popular feature, it has its very own Quickstart Guide for the Object Browser.
    Setting your encryption passphrase
    How to create and delete Buckets
    How to upload objects to Buckets, download and delete them.
    How to create sharable links
    How to view the Object Map that displays the location of the storage nodes that are storing the encrypted and erasure coded pieces of your file.
Do not lose your encryption passphrase. You are responsible for your encryption keys. Learn more about our approach to encryption and managing your encryption keys.
Next, we'll cover Access Grants.
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